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Telus 4k box


Will the surround audio ever be fixed or is it back to ShawCable because stereo output from the box is louder than surround .Plus the sound quality in the surround setting is not true 5.1 .

Don't respond with it your surround receiver .

The receiver is top of the line and so are the speakers so don't use that cop out !!!

Plus the picture quality through the so called 4k box is a joke the video from my Roku 4k stick is thousand times better so telus either fixes these problems or back to shawcable with the price does not go up monthly and at close to 400 dollars a month telus is a joke !!!!!



I see people on this forum have no idea or drink Telus kool-aid .The Company was all lies right from the start .Plus the price hikes every month .


Stop being a troll. Every post you make is nothing but negativity. It’s at a point that your posts are so over the top of hard to believe anything you post at face value. And this discussion alone shows you’ll start firing off insults if no one answers you.

You also have been providing misinformation in this discussion as well. The prices don’t increase monthly and even if you had gigabit fibre and the biggest TV theme pack, you’d still be paying much less than $400 a month.

You’ve said in the past you hate both Telus and Shaw. So what do you have left? Life is too short to be so completely negative all the time. Go out and find some activity that you enjoy and will enrich your life and those around you.


 My god $4800 a year for telus tv and you still have time to bad mouth telus and also shaw. Find a different provider use a pirate system. Find something to do in your area to get you away from tv  it will improve your health and your outlook on life.

Why haven’t you gone back to Shaw cable since you have several reasons for being unhappy with what you have?

I’m sure Shaw cable would be happy to have you back.