Telus 4K 2160p 60Hz makes my Samsung un75nu8000 4K tv color looks washed out


I recently got a new 75in 4k HDR tv from samsung.  Colors are great on youtube, netflix, xbox X. But when connected to telus 4K box using the 2160p 60Hz signal from telus setting, the color looks very washed out (I am assuming that the telus box sets the color depth).  When I switched to 1080p mode from telus menu, the colors are normal and vibrant again.  It happens on all channels. even when watching the telus 4K travel channel HDR, the color looks washed out with HDR signal.  Anyone experience the same issue?  Wish there was a way to control the color depth or space from the telus 4k box as you can do it in the xbox.


telus only has a few channels that are 4k and otherwise it will be upconverted .