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TV for 1 month?


I've been looking around the website trying to figure out if its possible / how much it would cost to get TV hooked up for 1 month. I currently have Telus PureFibre by itself, but would like to add a month of TV for the NHL playoffs. All the TV stuff on the telus site just shows pricing in bundles and on terms, but I do not want terms. Is this possible or do I need to find a different provider?


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Community Power User

Maybe look into Pik TV from Telus. Doesn't have a long term contract and does offer TSN and Sportsnet. Or you could subscribe directly to Sportsnet Now on a monthly basis and watch the playoffs on a number of different devices in your home.

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Is Pik TV truly live? I currently have a Rogers NHL Gamecentre Live subscription but it has a 1-2 minute delay from live TV. Pik TV is also a streaming service so I'm assuming it would have a delay as well? I'm wanting live TV so I can interact online while watching the NHL playoffs.

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In my limited experience, PikTV is delayed by about 20 seconds, from Optik, but also remember that even within a dwelling there can be a few seconds delay between the primary device, and secondary devices such as wireless set-top boxes. Some have also indicated a time difference between devices such as the Budweiser Goal Light and a broadcast, so I'm not really sure that anything is really 'Live' anymore.


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You can set up tv service on a month to month basis, but there could be fees that might not make it worth it for one month of hockey. I believe you would need to pay for install and maybe pvr rental.