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TV, French, movies.


I wasn't gonna say anything as the search for movies is already a bad experience, (life filter search as there is no upcoming movies search) but lately all I get is a bunch of foreign movies and even that is out of order.

It used to be that after a search, it would show channel 1. so I first see the english and HD versions. Now it's all over the place. Seems random.

So I have all these french, asian, etc. stuff poping up. Very annoying.

My setting is on subscribed channels. Why does this include all these channels I don't know.

Why don't I edit them out?

I have done that but Telus keep changing the lineup, keep adding channels (even for preview).

Also keep adding these Promo channels into the guide. (green icon) which is very annoying.

I am sick of editing these out.

At this point I only have tv because of the bundle.

Just can't believe how much worse all this got since the 4k box came out. It was good.




Community Power User
Community Power User

I gave up on using "Subscribed Channels" as Telus adds/removes things (free previews, ads for services, etc.). You can set up a Favourites list to only display the channels you are interested in. So far I haven't seen anything other than the channels I wish to see.


More here:


First of all, to anyone managing this forum, it's really stupid that I click on reply, It gives me the box, I type for 5 min, then on post it says "you need to be logged in" then it doesn't log me in and have to start again.


Now the reply. (as much as I remember)

True, but in that case you are really missing out on any free channels. Also difficult to switch between that and subscribed.

Telus is really bad as letting know what is happening.

I usually notice before any advertisement.

Like right now.

801 was on for a few months, then it disappeared for 2 weeks and now it's's a surprise day every day at Telus!

I like predictable results.

Community Power User
Community Power User

It only takes a few seconds to switch between Subscribed and My Favourites.


Options>Favourites and pick either Subscribed or My Favourites. 


It takes 7 button pushes.

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you find that too arduous you may wish to consider a smart remote and create a macro.