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Surround sound amp issues

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I had my Telus cable box connected to my Denon amp for several years. This fall, I started loosing my audio. I would turn my system on and no audio. To correct this I restarted the cable bad and audio would return. But on my next viewing session I would have to do the procedure all over again. A Telus technician came and bypassed the amp running the HDMI out from the cable box directly to the tv, and an optical audio cable from the cable box to the amp. This works fine for the tv, but if I want to use a DVD player or Apple TV I have to rewrite everything. He said there was something wrong with my amp. Help please!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you an optical Out on your TV? That was the solution for me, when an update ended the HDMI to my Surround Sound system. I had the same issue, a fresh reboot of the system would allow sound, but on restart no sound. Connecting the TV audio output to the Surround sound system instead resolved the issue.


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   A search on Amazon for a "hdmi audio extractor" will give you lots of options. Works good for music when you don't need the tv

turned on.