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Stingray Canadiana?


Not sure if anyone from Telus reads these or not (sure hope so!) but I'm wondering who/how to ask that the Stingray channel "Canadiana" be brought into the lineup.  It's an awesome showcase for Canadian-only music.  Really missing it since our move to BC from Saskatchewan.   Canadiana has been our go-to music for the last 5 years - listened to it while travelling all over the world and simply LOVE it.  Hoping that Telus can make it part of their OPTIK offering very soon!


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Community Power User

It is available through the Stingray Phone App, which you have access as an Optik Subscriber.


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Oh I didn't realize that it would be available on the app.  We do get it now, but I thought once my current authorization expired (authorized via a different provider), that I would only have access to OPTIK Stingray channels.  Thanks for clarifying!

Yes, it's a bit confusing with the assignment of some Stingray channels to TV channel numbers. The best channels IMO are not those ones.

What I do is link the mobile app to the Optik app so that all my favorite channels show up in Optik for my profile. It's much easier using the search on the mobile app. You can also cast from the mobile app to any Chromecast device.

Lots of Canadian artist focused channels if you use the search function in the Optik Stingray app. The actual Canadiana channel isn't there however but many of the same artists are on the channels that are available.

I've been searching the web, without success, for a complete list of all available Stingray audio-only music channels,  I'd like to know what could be offered.  When I had Shaw for my Internet, I noticed that some were missing, and was delighted to have more when I switched to Telus -- so I didn't realize there might still be more.


Has anyone located a complete list?

You can browse and search here:

I did find that page, but could not see Canadiana there.  That made me think it was incomplete.

Not all Stingray channels are available to all subscribers. That's why you need to select a TV provider to do the search. There must be subscription tiers or package selection when TV providers sign up.