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Sound Bars

Friendly Neighbour

I have a Vizio sound bar that doesn't seem to be compatible with the Slim Line remote. I have tried the code 7311 and run the auto code tool without any luck. I have tried connecting it directly to the Optik box but I am still not able to control the volume, does the Optik box have a volume control or is it fixed because I cant get it to change with the Slimline remote. 

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Unfortunately this may be a deal breaker for me, with 29 days to go before I  am committed.

I also have issues with my Sony STR-DN1080 4k receiver in regards to the HDMI signal, apparently because my TV is only 1080p I need to bypass the HDMI  video output from the Optik box to my TV bypassing the reciever and use the optical cable from the Optik box to my amp. I can live with not seeing my receivers menu on the screen and it makes for a good excuse to buy an OLED.

My wife isn't happy with the iOS Crave app as it doesn't have the option of downloading content for offline viewing like Shaw.

I never had any remote control issues with Shaw either as all my devices worked as they should without any issues.

I do like the Telus user interface and the picture quality is excellent particularly the newer HD 4k content. I also love the integration with Netflix and Youtube.

Telus has been trying so hard to woo us into Optik TV and to lose customers because of compatibility issues with a remote control, it sounds to ridiculous to be true, someone's head should roll IMO.    


Community Power User
Community Power User

You can always purchase a Logitech harmony and do anything you wish. It’s easy to configure is the best one for all remote.


The default of the optik remote before programming the TV.  does control the volume up and down on Optik box. Once you program it for a TV device that function is then removed.

I have an old Logitech remote and to be honest I'm not found of it, to many buttons that I will never use, and ugly.
I forgot to mention that the Slimline isn't able to control the volume of my 2012 Samsung Plasma either, otherwise I'd just connect the SB to the TV.
Anyways thanks for the help.