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Sony TV; experiencing delays in seeing picture/video when staring TV. Connected to TELUS 4K STB


Hi all. I am experiencing a problem when I first turn on my Sony 65X900E tv; it takes a while (several minutes or longer) for TV picture/video to appear on the screen when I turn on the TV. Everything is set up right, and the audio comes through right away. I use a Logitech programmable remote to start everything in the right order (STB, TV, sound system). Connection between  4K TV and  4K TELUS IPTV STB is the correct high speed IPTV cable. 


This seems to happen to any TV source from the TELUS STB - either on Netflix channel 422 or on a regular TV channel.


Is any one else having this problem? Maybe its a software driver glitch on the TV side? Really annoying - sometimes it takes quite a while for the picture/video to finally come up. 




Community Power User
Community Power User

I wouldn't say minutes, but it takes a measurable length of time for our Sony TV to set itself up on startup. The Telus STB is ready to go FAR ahead of the TV showing signal.


You can test by turning off the TV with it's own remote and turning it on again.


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For clarity, my problem doesn't occur all the time, but it has been happening more frequently in the last week. I'll try looking in the Sony TV forums.