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Some questions on the Optik TV 4+1 and Internet 150 Black Friday Promo...

Friendly Neighbour

I'm interested in the Black Friday Optik TV 4+1 and Internet 150 offer on a 2 year term.  Hopefully, someone will be able to answer some of these questions I have:


- Are the 4 theme packs & 1 premium content selections fixed at the time of purchase or can I change them later on without incurring fees?


- Are Fairchild TV (SD) and Fairchild TV 2 (HD) still offered as part of the Cantonese Favourites Theme Pack? They don't seem to be available when I was trying to make my order on the website.


- If Fairchild TV (SD) and Fairchild TV 2 (HD) are not parts of a theme pack, how much does it cost to add them?


- I am currently renting an entire house. While my landlord is quite lenient, I would like to know if there will be any alterations done on the premises to install the services? [I verified that PureFibre is available to me]


Thanks you.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The only alterations to the house might be a need to drill a few holes to run Fibre to the location of the ONT, and possibly from the ONT to the location of your router. The ONT is a permanent fixture, so would not likely be an issue to your landlord.

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