Slimline 2 remote; help

Jumped from shaw, I just got connected with optiktv And i got the slimline 2 remote control.
I am trying to figure out “TV input/ Aux key” does this remote has this key? I dont seems like to find it, it doesnt make sense that todays people have to carry the original tv remote, telus remote and other devices to control the tv, my shaw cable has it was so easy to use. Todays people have many devices connected to a tv.

There is no mode button on the slimline 2. For me this is a good thing. I'm on tech support for my parents and mother in law and the mode button is way more trouble than it's worth. The mode button never saved me any time anyway with so many functions I need to access that aren't on the slimline remote. Back when all people needed to do was operate the VCR the Aux button made sense. I doesn't make sense now when there are so many different kinds of devices all with different functions unless you have a flexible programmable remote like a Harmony.

No really convinient, One clear example is having apple tv and a tv box at the same monitor/tv!