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Sharp Aquos Roku TV - no more optik menu?

Friendly Neighbour
Hey all,
Just bought this tv on the cheap. After searching the forums it looks like the remote code only gives you so much access to the tv (LC-60R600etc). I can turn it on and off as well as change the volume.

That's a bit of a bummer (not able to access the rest of the roku menus with the telus remote) but I'm having issues accessing anything optik now as well... I have my wireless optik box in hdmi one and labeled it various names. I can see the channel I'm in just fine but I can no longer see the Guide, PVR, On Demand, Menu or anything Telus for that matter. i can change channels manually by inputting the number or going to our down but I can't see anything else... Any ideas or anyone else dealt with these TVs? Sharp didn't seem to have anything online. Going to be a huge issue if I can't access the TV menus moving forward and this thing would be going back...

Community Power User
Community Power User

The Optik menus are from the PVR, so should not be affected by your choice of TV. You can review troubleshooting info for the remote, and see if that helps.

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Friendly Neighbour
No luck. Resetting and reprogramming the remote still only allowed me to access volume and on/off on the tv.

After further tinkering, it looks like the PVR, guide and other menus are working just fine; I just can't see them at all. So if I hit guide while on channel 900, move up one and click Ok it takes me to 901. If I hit PVR and click down and then spam Ok, a recorded program comes on. It is as if the Roku applocation is blocking all of the Telus overlays from appearing. If I click On Demand, nothing comes up whatsoever. If I go to the YouTube or Netflix channels, I'm met with a blank screen and can't do anything.

Waiting on Telus tech support to see if anyone has dealt with this before. The Roku TV just doesn't seem compatible... Sent an email to Sharp as well but their support page is blank so I'm guessing they'll be of little to zero help.

The Telus remote isn’t going to operate your Roku functions. Volume and power is all it will do. You’ll need to purchase a Logitech harmony programmable remote if you want a true on for all remote as the Roku TVs have a limited function remote.

Try using a different HDMI port as it makes no sense what your tv is doing. It’s simply a monitor with built in roku.

Thanks WestCoasterBC. I did try moving it off HDMI1 and still the same issues. The roku side has really limited options for anything... I had the same thought as you that this should be nothing more than a TV with some proprietary software. Based on the lack of success I'm having here, I'm beginning to think otherwise.

You can see if you can changing the display settings from the optik receiver. Using the Telus remote  Menu>Settings>Televison> screen aspect ratio (select a different aspect) see if Roku will then display it properly. Only thing I can think of at this point.


Use HDMI 1 on the TV.

No luck there. I went to my other tv to copy down that cheat code (menu, downx4, ok, down, ok, rightx3. Ok, ok. Ok to test it). I can resize my screen but still can't see anything.

Awaiting a response from roku to see if they have any ideas. I have a little ways before needing to return the TV so I'll give them a day or two.