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Scrolling in Optik TV iPhone app's guide skips hours/days

Just Moved In

I have the 20180409-6223255-14-s84 version for iOS and when I scroll across in the guide, I find that sometimes it will skip several hours or even days unintentionally. I'll start off at 1:30pm on a Friday and try to scroll to 6pm, and then by the time I reach 4pm it will suddenly skip to Monday. Similarly scrolling down the channels will suddenly skip way down into the radio categories.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Which iOS device type/model are you using? On my iPhone 7 I cannot replicate that same issue.

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iPhone 6S Plus

Navigate to Live TV: View Guide

If I scroll right, later in time, it works normally until I reach roughly tomorrow evening.

Then it jumps roughly 2 weeks to the 12th "ish".

The date/time it "jumps" to is not the same each time but for me it's jumping between the 11th and 15th of June.