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Satellite tv and PPV... NOT WORKING!!

I am getting very frustrated with Satellite TV PPV NOT WORKING!! And Telus techs keep going over the same scripted step by step issues to solve a problem which DOES NOTHING to move the issue:
I see a PPV movie which I like then... Go through the process of ordering with the step by step PPV order process and the Move NEVER PLAYS!!! NO MATTER WHAT IS UPDATED OR RESET OR ADJUSTED!!

WHY IS IT SUCH AN ISSUE to have this fixed... and of it cannot be fixed say so and offer an alternative with similar options... It's the 21St century and any thing is possible... Well almost anything cause I am being proved wrong with the issues at hand


Hey @adamthebad! So sorry to hear this!!! I totally can relate and it is not something we should be experiencing. 

Have you confirmed you have a smart card in your box and is it working? Sometimes it's as simple as those cards not working anymore to cause the PPV from not going through properly. 


Or does it let you go as far as ordering the movie successfully, but when you try to watch it, it freezes? 


Let me know.

my pvr from telus as far as i know has no smart card and if it does it is internal...the movie can be ordered at one time by phone and broadband...i have no land line so that was an option i never used. The broadband ordering stopped a while back ..7 months or more...and and now it was only order through phone and it still orders but NEVER plays no matter what is now i am getting Telus to remove the system since they cannot fulfil their end

@adamthebad I'm sorry to hear that 😞

I looked into your issue, and unfortunately customers have never been able to order PPV on their Satellite tv without a smart card. There was a time years ago we were able to order PPV online, but that's been discontinued. 

I may be misunderstanding you so I apologize if so, but I think I understand you have been trying to order PPV on your satellite tv for the last 7 months without a smart card and it stopped working and used to work?....



I have had Telus Sat for a while.... 3 plus years
Here is how the 9000 series Rebranded Telus/Bell receiver works in my area...
One) order on land line through the PVR/PPV (not applicable to me as there is no land line)
two) Broadband through the unit itself and no need for codes or pins (probably on an internal card or ROM Chip
Three) over the phone with pins and codes associated with particular PPV event.
In my situation I was ordering PPV movies through the unit via Broadband and modem And it just stopped with the message that I could not order this way anymore so call 3102255 or the 1-866-686-xxxx number and that worked a few times to see a PPV movie...
now when I order through the phone everything goes through including the charge for the movie to my account but the receiver does not play the movie at all... Not on any channel... No error codes... Realigned dish with multiple reboots.
AS far a a smart card there is and always was a slot but Never a smart card for the three plus years that I have been watching this unit...
Telus supposedly reloaded or updated software however when I get around to checking... And if it still is not working out the gate it goes

That is very strange indeed. We have never been able to order PPV without a smart card for ages so I am unfortunately not sure what else to tell you. I would highly recommend calling into 310-TECH and getting someone to further investigate this with you so they can figure out what exactly happened.