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Router port goes blank

Losing my hair on this one:

Wireless optik tv wireless box wired directly into T3200M router lan port. No other devices on the same lan port. All of a sudden loses connection. The link light goes out on the port goes out. Port status says “Disconnected”. Tested cable...all good. Port stays in disconnected mode until I swap it with the cable on another functioning port. Tried plugging wireless box on another port...same deal. Even tried plugging wireless box on a switch with other functional devices...port which the wireless box is connected to goes blank and all other devices are fine.

This is the second wireless box this happening with. Ive had a telus tech in the house to look at it as well.

Only thing I can think of is these wireless boxes are junk on hardwired connection and need to connect wirelessly.

Any thoughts?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I don’t have any issues with my wireless boxes hardwired. Are you using the Technicolor or Arris boxes?

All three of my Arris boxes are connected by Ethernet. No issues. You may have a hardware failure with yours.