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Remote, PVR mode, "Watch next episode"

Just Moved In

How do I complain about the "Watch next episode" they added to the remote, when I click the stop button, when watching a show on PVR?


Instead of just continuing to watch my show, by quickly click the OK button, and having it "Resume", there's a new item on the list, i.e. "Watch next episode".  So, if I continue as I've always done, I have to wait until a message (that asks me if I want to delete my show, disappears.  If I do it too fast, I will delete my show.


Is anyone else having this problem?  How do I complain.  I'm noticing that there isn't a place to complain, to Telus, online.  They tell you to phone in.  If I phone in, I have to wait to talk to someone.  Whoever I talk to won't be able to help me, anyway.  


I'm guessing that those higher up in the hierarchy of Telus don't want to have any contact with actual users.  


Am I the only one who has this complaint?


Just Moved In

A solution would be to place, "Watch next episode" further down the list.


Does anyone from Telus pay any attention to this forum?

Still needs an os update. You're gonna have to wait.