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Radio Stations Not Working

Just signed up for Optik and getting familiar with the channels. I know that Telus includes a bunch of (on-air) radio channels (not Stingray) and was disappointed to find that the majority of these do not work (audio issues). Some have horrible static and others have a very discernible hum, all reminiscent of listening on a bad AM radio. I contacted Tech Support who of course made me run through all the troubleshooting for my own equipment (because it’s never a problem at their end). They finally acknowledged a problem. It affects probably about 15 channels, the worst of which seems to be CFOX Vancouver because it is just static. I was surprised that Telus does not seem to monitor the reception of their channels. At this point, they are looking into it with no timeline for fixing it. They are even absolving themselves of responsibility by saying that the problem is not a Telus problem but with the provider of the radio transmission signals. That may well be but from the customer end, it is a Telus problem because that is who I am paying for services. I am in my first week of service, a previous Shaw Direct customer and their radio channels worked flawlessly. Maybe Telus has to deal with the provider of those signals but I am guessing that there is a cost to them for these signals and with the sound, they may as well not have those channels but should get it fixed pronto. The rep did tell me that one of the channels was a “known” problem but the issue has been ongoing. I can understand that these may be low priority channels and would never be acceptable if it affected video channels. The rep did not sound too optimistic about a fix and she had referred the problem to some engineering department.