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Question re: use of VPN, ROKU

Just Moved In


We are fairly new to the area and new to Telus. We have the PureFibre option on our system with 2 boosters. We also utilize a VPN in order to get access to our U.S. Roku account, specifically, Sling. 

Over the last 3 days we are unable to view Sling through the Roku. Called Sling, Roku. Worked through steps: rebooting, restart etc. nothing. Anyone have any ideas? Roku blames Sling Sling blames Roku and both say it’s because of intermittent network connectivity. We are beyond frustrated. Any help/advice would be graciously accepted. 

Barbara in Maple Bay, BC 


Community Power User
Community Power User
Not sure why SlingTV or Roku would work with you when service isn’t available to Canada. I highly doubt you disclosed that.

That being said Roku is notorious for it blocking on IPV6 which reveals you’re located in Canada. Generally you have to shut off IPV6 and use IPV4 only.