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Recording Stephen Colbert. Used to work but now it does only sometimes. Sometimes the whole thing. Sometimes halfway and stops though it shows the full time and other times it says it recorded but will play not even one seconds worth. Pvr is 49% full.

Community Power User
Community Power User

How long have you had this particular PVR.


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A year maybe a year and a half or more. It is a UIW8001 TLU.
We have had many problems with Telus fiber TV. The box was replaced a few times in the beginning about 2 or 3 years ago since we signed up.

Oh, the PVR is 59 % full.

Any issues watching live programs?
Is it just the one scheduled recording behaving this way or any recording?

Live is no problem.
It has happened with different recordings on different channels.
Doesn't happen all the time.

I was on the phone with Telus for 2 hours yesterday. He messed around with the router / modem (T3200) and had me power cycle many times. Can be sure if the problem is fixed yet because it is intermittent. He did mess around with the modem though because after he hung up we no longer had WiFi.... I gave up on them and reset access to WiFi myself. I can't say I'm thrilled unfortunately.