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Problem with Optik 4K PVR VIP5662 and using Fiber Optic HDMI Cable



Anyone using a Fiber Optic HDMI for longer cable runs? If so what brand and length?


I have a new Epson HC 3800 4K Projector directly connected to a Telus 4 K PVR (VIP5662) using a Certified 4K 18gb (5 meter) HMDI cable, 4K Signal & picture is excellent. 


I would prefer to have the PVR located at the front of the room, distance requires a 15 Meter HDMI cable to the Projector. I installed a Ruipro 15M Fiber Optic HDMI Cable to test if it works. When the PVR set to a resolution of 1080p all is good. If the PVR resolution is set to 4K the Projector indicates no signal. Ruipro has told it should work.  Ruipro sent me replacement cable, same problem.


Many people are using these Fiber Optic HDMI cables a longer distances either this brand cable or a similar Monoprice Fiber Optic HDMI cables without any problems.  





Here is a link to the specs of the Ruipro cable. My only thought on why 4K has a problem is the chips in the cable do use some of source (PVR) HDMI output voltage. And that maybe too much for the VIP5662W


Ruipro specs says:

Low Power Consumption: 250mW (max).(Power extracted from HDMI source)




I've never used an optical HDMI cable but there are reviews on amazon for your cable that indicate it doesn't work at 4K for some people. That cable isn't cheap. It would have been 10x cheaper to run an IR repeater/extender to the front of the room instead.



Update: I installed an AmazonBasics  Fiber HDMI 50' cable and it worked and I have not experienced any signal dropouts either. I have a suspicion the the Power Draw from Source(PVR) is less with the AmazonBasics cable. I do plan to get an newer AVR that will process/pass through 4K HDR 60 fps, perhaps a PVR=>AVR=> Projector setup will work fine with the Ruipro fiber. 

If you are planning to put an AVR in between you may want to read some of the posts here about the problems some have reported with certain brands/models (Denon?). I recall issues with CEC and HDMI handshaking.