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Prime TV, since you've Netflix and crave

I am a user of Amazon Prime TV, since you've Crave and Netflix why can't you add this. Many many original awesome shows and classics such as
beverly hillbillys,
I love Lucy,
tons of unique and original movies.
Plenty of nostalgia tv that Netflix doesn't have.

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Community Power User

Prime has been discussed many times to date on the forums. Short answer: Amazon does not allow Prime to be accessed from TV provider set top boxes. Until Amazon changes their mind, it won't be possible. Knowing Amazon they are likely doing it that way so they have greater control over both the money, user experience, as well as all of the data including analytics. Plus Amazon licensed their Fire TV platform to TV manufacturers to so that's more of a financial incentive for them to keep that up rather than spending a lot of money to try bring Amazon Prime to the various different set top box platforms that exist.

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Amazon Prime is available in the states with Comcast on a STB.

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Community Power User
That’s the Xfinity X1 platform and makes sense for Prime video to be on it, since Comcast is the number 1 provider in the USA.

Prime is highly unlikely to develop the app for the mediaroom IPTV platform.