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Poor picture quality

Friendly Neighbour
Just switched from Shaw and ... well ... the Optik TV quality is pretty disappointing so far. I've tried every setting I can think of on my TV (LG C1 OLED) and have tried switching between 4k resolution and 1080p 60hz on the Telus box. No luck. Faces especially are washed out. No detail like HD normally has. At times it looks more like SD than HD. Any suggestions?


I have an LG C1 77 inch and the picture is great. What box did you get from Telus, the legacy 4K box or the new box with cloud Pvr?

Yeah.  It's the new cloud PVR box. 


I have a feeling the OP has the new cloud based PVR box. Do you see the HDR badge come up top right corner of TV when you turn the box and tv on? With mine I have noticed HDR is always on with TVs that support HDR like OLEDs. Most android based boxes (which the cloud PVR is) have an option to have adaptive HDR. Where the box will switch from SDR which most if not all TV channels are to HDR when you play shows on say Netflix with HDR content. It will then switch back to SDR when needed. Without this option regular SDR TV channels look washed out and colors are off as HDR makes stuff brighter .
I hope telus updates this asap, It should never have been released without this option.

Ah!  Yeah ... that's exactly right.  TV automatically goes into HDR mode when connected to the Telus box. So ... no way on either the box OR the TV so force it into SDR mode?  At least ... I can't find any options to do this. 

I think hdr can be turned off by turning off ultra deep color for the hdmi port. This is done in the tv side. Not sure if this effects anything else . Give a shot see if it helps.

That would also disable it for Netflix and other apps on the Telus box

Yes exactly. That is why telus needs to add Match dynamic range setting or auto HDR/SDR switching.

I guess I’ll be holding on to my legacy box until the issue is rectified.

Thanks for the suggestion.  Tried it ... but still looks terrible. 

Have you tried Netflix? If so is pq just as bad?

No ... I hadn't bothered since I get good PQ with my TV app already.  But I'll give it a try when I have a chance and let you know. 

An update as promised.  Netflix looks great, both 4k and HD programming. I don't see any difference between the Optik box and the app on my TV. I'd be very happy is TV programming matched that.  Sadly, it doesn't. Just switched on to the NCAA Basketball game and ... yup ... it still looks bad. I did note the other night that when there was a 4K program on TSN, it looked great too. So the box is capable of encoding high bandwidth signals, but for whatever reason it just makes a complete mess of any TV programming that's not 4k (which is basically everything except a couple sports events a month)  


I'm in the same situation - just switched from Shaw on the ancient Arris coax system. 
Was watching the Flames game last night on SNW using my 65" 4K TV and the quality was NOT what I was hoping! 
Lots of motion blur when the camera quickly pans the ice, and a real general lack of sharpness -like watching a badly encoded streaming movie. Did not look like an HD sports broadcast at all! 
Good thing I still have 3 weeks to send this system back! Keeping my old Shaw account active for now! 


That's a perfect description of what it looks like. I simply never imagined that I'd be taking such a significant step backwards moving to the Telus TV service. 😞

Just out of curiosity I just tried a hockey game on Sports net on the legacy Optik box and the picture was perfect. Must be an issue with the new box.

I had some time to play with different scenarios.
I hooked up my old cable box to my receiver and ran some A:B comparisons... 

It could be my old eyes, but when I "locked" the Telustv-21t resolution in the system settings @ 3840x2160p60 vs "auto" things got better/clearer!? 

TBH -When comparing them back to back -My old Shaw box (HDMI 1080P 60hz only) honestly looked like crap -LOL.  I'll have to do this again during the next live SNW game... 

Both my Receiver / TV correctly reported the Telus resolution and refresh rate.

Interestingly I could NOT get true HDR out of the TELUS box... Using Netflix, or the PLEX app - not sure I have a good "Telus Network" HDR streaming source...