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Poor TV Service

Just Moved In

What's up with the poor tv connection and inadequate follow up?


I moved into my own home back in August.  Found out the neighborhood isn't setup for high-speed so had to settle for old copper.  This forced me to lower my service.  Since moving in, I've had multiple (10-50) tv and wifi disconnection issues a day.


I've spoken to two different people on the phone and in turn, had two different technicians come to my home.  Swap out the router which helped the wifi but not the tv disconnects.


Had to reduced service yet again from bonded to single hook up.  Still getting multiple tv disconnections.


Follow up with the technicians who leave their card and tell you "Contact me if you have any problems" response when I try to let them know there is still a problem.


I've been with Telus for 7-8 years now I believe and this has been the first time I have not been impressed.  I've said I wanted to stay with Telus but if nothing is changing, why am I staying and paying for terrible service?


If this is what I have to put up with, then just tell me you can't meet my needs.





You will need to provide some information if you want some suggestions on fixing your issue.

What Internet plan are you on now?

What router model do you have?

Which Optik box(es) do you have?

How are the Optik box(es) connected to the router?

Have you done any speed tests from the router to confirm your Internet speed?

Do you have any of your own devices on the LAN like switches, access points, routers, etc.?