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Poor Optik Service


My picture keeps freezing, zig zag lines or intermittently cutting out.  I have reset 2 times today but still no success.  This is the 3rd time my PVR box has been replaced since February.  This last one was only a month ago.  Because of the same issues.  The Telus guy comes, checks everything out and replaces the PVR box, everything is good for a couple of weeks and starts freezing again.  We have 1 optik box and 2 wireless ones, they all do this at the same time.  Not sure what to do because Telus does fix this everytime but it's constantly happening.  Anyone else have this problem?

Are there any other TV providers besides Telus in Strathmore?


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Community Power User

There haven't been any posts that I can recall for this specific issue. To me it sounds like something else besides the PVR is likely triggering the problem. The odds of having 3 PVRs with the exact same issue is insanely unlikely.


Is the issue when watching recorded content or live?

If live, is it all channels or just some?

Do the wireless boxes have the issue when watching live TV or on demand if the PVR itself is unplugged when it's having issues?

Was the PVR the only thing replaced or were the two wireless boxes replaced as well?

How fast is your internet connection?

Which Telus modem/router do you have?

How is the PVR connected to the modem/router? Ethernet? Coax?

Is it a direct connection or does it go through a splitter, hub or something else?

Is the PVR power plugged in to a good quality surge supressor or power bar?

How is the PVR is connected to your TV?

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Thank you for responding –

  1.  The issue is live and PVR shows.
  2. All channels are affected when everything goes ‘haywire’
  3. The wireless boxes seem to be OK (1 was replaced earlier this year) but when the main PVR box acts up, sometimes the wireless ones do too, but sometimes not.
  4. Telus says we have the newest modem they offer.
  5. Hi-speed internet w/wifi booster
  6. PVR is plugged into an excellent surge suppressor.
  7. PVR is connected directly to TV
  8. Whenever a tech comes to our home he replaces the box, replaces all cables, checks the modem, etc,etc.
  9. Yesterday when I contacted Telus, the rep checked everything out (over the phone), said that my modem did not download an upgrade which was the problem.  She reset everything and it worked great, she contacted me today to see how everything was and I told her everything was A-OK, but wouldn’t you know it, an hour later, same thing.  Not quite as severe, just freezing and losing the picture, but now it’s ok. 
  10. We have switched out the TV but that did not make a difference.

Telus says that if this continues they will sent out a ‘senior tech’.  This is extremely irritating when it’s a constant issue.  Don’t know what’s wrong, Telus doesn’t know what’s wrong, I’m actually thinking of looking for service elsewhere.



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Unplug the 2 wifi STB's ( set top boxes ) and see if the problem continues.  If every thing works fine...add one....see what happens....then add the second.


I have 3 switches, Sonos,  5 STB's all hardwired, wifi running numerous phones/ipads/laptops/2 printers  ......and one piece of crap STB in that mix created havoc.


It was shocking how much equipment we replaced before finding it.


Strip it right down.....Modem + PVR...then one by one start adding parts