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Picture cut out


We have an older (10+) Samsung 55” LED TV with an Optic TV box, straight forward setup, straight form the wall to the box to the TV. Halfway through the hockey game last night the picture cut out, no warning, audio was fine. Tried all the connections and a reset of the box with no results, is there anything else I can try? Not sure if it’s the Optic box or the TV at this point.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Try another HDMI device on your tv to rule it out.. Be it a blu-ray player, roku, Apple TV, fire stick, laptop etc

Thanks WCBC, I do have an old laptop but I don’t have any grandkids, what exactly am I looking for when I plug in the HDMI?

Laptop is too old, no HDMI slot, thanks anyway WCBC. Guess I’ll go back on hold with TELUS, nothing else to do today....

Another HDMI device would either rule out a problem with your tv or you have a problem with the tv. 

If it just quit out of the blue I would say the latter. The very least you should be able to see the TV menus, settings etc if the tv actually still has a video signal.