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PVR series recording refuses to schedule additional episodes

There is a show - Grand Designs Australia - on CBC at various times from 1AM thru 5AM Pacific time depending on which of the Time shift or local channels I try to record from.
The Optik 4K PVR will NOT schedule a recording for the following day(s).
The show appears in the guide Tuesday thru Saturday morning and there is nothing to indicate it is not a series, yet the only way to record the program each day is to set multiple recordings.
What’s up with that Telus?
And a related quirk of the PVR, and equally annoying, is that it appears to be impossible to set a recording for a particular channel at a particular time *everyday*, or on days of the week. That is, the manual recording options appears to be limited to a single specific day that can only specified by date.
Perhaps that is useful to someone, but I can think of many more instances where having the ability to record a time period on a specific day or days of the week would be far more useful.
The example I provide above is one, but another example is Masterpiece on PBS, that - annoyingly - changes the title name with each new mini-series, and therefore the series recording set is only good for a few episodes. would rather just set the PVR for 9pm every Sunday night.
Why can’t your box do that Telus?

Community Power User
Community Power User

You may wish to try again. I did a search for the show on the WatchOptik website and selected the show to record and it scheduled the next 9 episodes all at 5:00AM on channel 100. I cancelled this and then tried my 4K PVR and had the same results.


The manual record is fairly limited. You may wish to post to the Ideas section of this forum to see if it could be improved.


Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Hi. Okay, thanks for checking that out.
As it happens now the box has decided to not actually display any live content, so it’s time to restart the box and see what happens. Maybe the box is in some bad state.
I’ve had also some firmware updates come in the middle of the night before and the box didn’t like them until a full pull the power plug restart.

Restarted, disconnected power and then restarted, gone back tried to reprogram the recording, and again from our other wireless boxes (same result, no surprise), and then from the Optik on the Go browser app...  in all cases a series recording is created, but the scheduled recordings list is 1 instead of the many it should.


I don't think this is an issue with hardware or firmware or I would have issues with other content.  But whatever... Suppose I will contact support... not that I expect the issue to be resolved.


I think I might just be better off watching on demand on the CBC Gem app.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I just tried the Watch Optik app and was able to successfully schedule multiple recordings. I did a search for "Grand Designs Australia" and two results came up. The first one didn't have any channels I could record on. The second one I browsed until I found the channel 100 occurrence. I selected this and was given the option to record only that episode or the series. I selected series and 9 episodes were scheduled.


Possibly you selected episode vs series?

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

PVR is and get a replacement.  Make notes of the steps you have taken or print this forum.