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PVR previous recordings are not playable


With Telus for many years. On October 21 I switched to a 2 year plan suggested by Telus staff.  Later I found out that the recordings from that day and before are not playable no matter how long I wait, just blank screen.  I Contacted Telus staff days later, the lady said she would "escalate" the issue to other department to look at, and would monitor any update for me.  Nothing was fixed.  


Mid November, I contacted Telus again.  Staff gave me a reference number from previous opened order.  He described the situation as I have switched to different account, which I disagreed and re-confirmed with him my Telus account number.  He told me to keep on checking email for any feedback.  


December now, online chatted with Telus staff again.  She told me all my old PVR recordings are "deleted" due to upgrade to Fiber.  I gave her the reference number of previous file and requested her to check for update, and she told me that it was a "stuck order".  I don't know what that means at all.  She kept telling me those recordings are "deleted" and not recoverable, only thing she can do is sorry, sorry and sorry for your situation.  


I searched the Telus Forum, someone named "pbsme" had the same problem but "tech support got them back".  so the solution should be out there.  Can someone help me to fis this issue?



When a customer migrates from Copper to Fibre, the recordings should be safe in most cases. However if the order doesn't flow correctly, your Optik TV "account" will be deleted and built anew in one of the back end systems that controls the Optik TV product. CRTC regulations require anti-piracy encryption on PVR recordings in Canada and this is unfortunately the side effect of those regulations. Your PVR sees that you are trying to playback a recording that is stored on it, but the encryption in the programming of the event is tied to your old Optik TV asset number, not the new one rebuilt for Fibre.


This used to happen to 100% of customers who switch to copper but there was a recent update that should prevent this issue from happening however some might still slip through the cracks like this. It's really a bummer but there is nothing that can be done. Not even switching back to copper will fix the issue. Those recordings are lost.

How can Telus decript thje old recordings for me? and what is Stuck Order means? is anyone actually working on Stuck Order reports or just tossed aside forever?  Staff helped me file the report since October.  Telus was supposed to give me a feedback few days later, but now three months past already.