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PVR Playback Freezing

Just Moved In

We have 1 PVR and 2 Digital Boxes in our home.  Whenever we are watching a recorded show on our one upstairs digital box, it constantly freezes and jumps ahead.  (Live TV seems to work just fine.)  We purchased the Wifi Boost in the hopes that it would help the signal, but it just seems to be a waste of money because it hasn't boosted anything.  We don't have this issue on any other box in our home.


Is your PVR connected by WiFi or Ethernet cable? I suspect that your WiFi network becomes overloaded when you need to send a recorded program from the PVR to the router and then from the router to the box in the bedroom. That's sending the program data twice at the same time over WiFi. When you watch a live show the program only needs to be transmitted from the router once over WiFi since the data is coming from the Internet.

Is the upstairs box connected via wireless? It might not be getting a strong enough signal from the modem or the wireless access point. Currently the wireless Optik boxes do not connect to the network via Boost WiFi. If the box is having wireless issues then the solution is either relocating the modem/access point or hard wiring the box. I suggest you contact Telus support to further troubleshoot the issue as a technician dispatch may be required.