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OptikTV App not compatible with iOS 14 or AppleTV OS 14?


I have installed the beta versions of iOS 14 and TV OS 14 and now I cannot use the Optik TV App on any of my devices (iPhone, iPad or AppleTV). I get the message “Playback Error. ERROR_CODE_DRMAGENT_BLOCKED”. I’m guessing there will need to be an update to the Optik TV App. I tried logging out and back in and uninstalling/re-installing the App, but with no success. 

if anyone has a solution, or know how I report this to the appropriate contact, please let me know. 



Community Power User
Community Power User

You've installed a beta OS. Not all apps are going to be compatible with it yet. Odds are Apple changed a bunch of APIs in the background and the DRM in the app isn't compatible yet. The DRM is the encryption on the video stream. You'll need to wait for the new versions of the app that support iOS 14 to come out. That may not be until closer to iOS14's official release date later this year.

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Thanks for your response. That’s what I pretty much figured. I mainly wanted to mention it publicly, in case anyone is planning to give the betas a try — so they would be aware in advance of something that probably won’t work for them, either. 

Yeah, tvOS beta 14 definitely appears to be the problem - Pik and Optik TV apps aren't compatible with tvOS 14 yet. I've been talking to Telus network support and after a very long conversation and effort trying to resolve the issue they checked their back end and have more or less confirmed this. At least they're now well aware of the issue so hopefully they'll fast track a fix for it. Sadly the Apple TV 4K can't be downgraded to a stable tvOS 13 release, which is pretty frustrating - so thanks for that Apple. I wasn't aware I couldn't revert when I installed the beta or I wouldn't have done it, but live and learn I suppose. Basically it looks like anyone who installed tvOS beta 14 will just have to wait for a new tvOS 14 beta version that works with the PIK/Optik apps or new app updates from the Telus PIK/Optik TV developer that work. According to Telus network support, it doesn't seem very likely there will be a fix until tvOS 14 is officially released though. So basically it's just a waiting game for a fix...

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FYI, iOS 14 beta creates the same ERROR_CODE_DRMAGENT_BLOCKED issue for mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.), so my post above applies to iOS 14 beta as well as tvOS beta 14.

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Community Power User

Always a risk using BETA software. Companies don’t have make their apps compatible till release date. 

At least I was able to put my iPad back to iOS 13, so I can still use it there. I can’t say I would ever use the App on a screen as small as my iPhone, anyway. As for the Apple TV, I turned off the auto update on one of mine and now unplug it when not using it, just to be sure I won’t lose the use of the TV App altogether. I’m not blaming Telus and am reminded beta versions and auto update have their risks.

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On Sunday, July 26, 2020, 2:50 PM, TELUS Neighbourhood <

The Optik App for Apple TV has been updated today to work with iOS 14!