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Optik tv woes: skips, misses, and no deletes

Just Moved In

We've had Optik tv and internet for a couple years, performance has been good. However suddenly the PVR is misbehaving in several ways. It misses recordings, existing recordings can not be deleted, and some existing recordings skip and get stuck on playback. Basically the PVR is becoming un useable. We've tried rebooting many times. The PVR is not full either.


We've talked to tech support and left messages for tech support but no one calls us back. Any help would be appreciated.



Community Power User
Community Power User

It could just be that the hard drive in the PVR has gone bad. You may want to see if they'll replace the PVR.

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Hard drive would be my guess also. The stupid thing runs 24/7 and runs hot. Why they didn’t put a fan inside the PVR is beyond me.

Thanks for the helpful replies. We'll ask Telus for a replacement.


- James