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Optik tv, soundbar and netflix

Just Moved In

Hi all,


any help is greatly appreciated. I have Optik, box model vip5662w, 4K, and a sharp tv with 2 HDMI ports, and I bought a new Samsung soundbar, a hw-r50c/zc. I’m about as far from a tech person as one can get. The tv doesn’t have apps on it, so the Netflix is via channel 422. For whatever reason , the soundbar works on regular channels, but on Netflix, it reverts back to tv speakers. Any idea what to look for? I’ve tried messing with settings to no avail. I have the same problem with my ps4, but that is a less pressing issue. I have the Optik box direct into one of the HDMI ports, and the ps4 into the other. The soundbar is connected to tv via the digital optical audio cable (toslink?). What am I doing wrong?


any help will be greatly appreciated,


Maybe your TV is not set to pass surround sound over the optical connection. Consult your TV manual.