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Optik pvr freezes then loses audio


Hi I’m new to the forum and have had the same optik system for 10 years. I am using a Denon AVR From pvr to tv. In September the audio would not come on unless the pvr was unplugged then plugged back in on every start up the tech said due to the age of the AVR and a recent software update the AVR was out of date and I needed a new AVR. I purchased and had installed a Denon 750H but am still experiencing problems the picture freezes momentarily then starts back up but there is no audio requiring the unplugging and plugging the pvr to get audio back. I have been able to get the same technician back and like him. The last time he replaced the pvr set top box for second tv modem and another box from the coax to pvr. We both thought it was fixed however last night the picture froze again restarted with no audio. The components are in a cabinet with louvres and a thermostatically controlled fan for cooling. Hopefully someone here can help. 
Thank you 




I am also having the same issue with my tv freezing/losing sound. A reboot of the optic box  always fixes the problem. I've had 3 techs out to look at it with no success.

They even hardwired the coax thinking my box was too far away from the modem.
Any answers are much appreciated.

A next level tech called “Rush man” came yesterday I asked him if he wanted a history but was told n he had read the notes he then blamed a software update, the fact I didn’t have a4k tv, I am using an AVR not going directly to the tv and I don’t have a 4K HDMI from the AVR to the tv. The only thing I think that was the truth was the software issue. When I initially spoke to a supervisor about this 2 weeks ago she upgraded me to faster internet that seemed to fix the problem for a while but the issue did reappear. The Rush man did replace the STB with one that “ handles HDMI issues better”. No problem so far.