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Optik TV will not allow me to add channels

Just Moved In

So I am new user to Telus, got it about 6 days ago, with the Internet, and got a deal with the basic packages.

Now I tried to order 2 theme packs as extras, and the system won't allow it. I talked to 3 different Tech Agents with Telus, and contacted the Escalations Department, the next day I get an email that says"

Unfortunately the order is stuck due to defect 79158. There is no workaround available at the moment that we can use to drop the order. 
We have no ETA as to when one will be available."

So then I get a phone call, Telus does not have a fix, they cannot tell me when they will have a fix, if ever. Good thing I have the 15 day opt out clause within the agreement. So much for Telus Technology, hard to believe a huge company like Telus does not have the Technical knowhow, disappointing.