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Optik TV w/ T3200M & Boost Wifi

Just Moved In

I currently have Internet 150 with Actiontec T3200M router peforming all of the wifi duties. I have one Optik 4K box connecting over wifi to the Actiontec. Works great.  Luckily the 4K box isn't far away from the router. I would run ethernet if I could, but the TV is in an awkward spot.


The wifi in the rest of the house isn't awesome. Its an older house with tile floors, thick plaster walls, chicken wire, etc.  It is not an easy house to run ethernet in.  I would like to add Boost wifi mesh into the mix in order to better cover the rest of the house.


I'm not entirely clear on how the boost mesh works?  Do the boost repeaters extend the range of the existing wifi network? Or do you have to disable the wifi on the Actiontec?  Is this going to impact my ability to run my Optik 4K box over wifi?



The boost works in conjunction with the T3200M. If your Optik box gets a good signal from the T3200M you can keep that configuration.


Product launch press release has some info:


Product home page has a "How TELUS Boost Wi-Fi works" section:


Quick start guide gives you an idea of how to set it up: