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Optik TV remote settings listing


Has anyone seen an area accessible via the Optik TV remote or even in MyTelus on the net, that provides a history of Videos rented or an idea of any videos available to me that have already been paid for bu Rewards points.  I swear, I saw such a thing once on the remote through settings, but cannot find it now.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Possibly what you want can be found under On Demand>My Videos>My History

Thank you for trying.  That is not what I had in mind.  I am beginning to think that looking at history for rented VOD's is something I imagined.  I do appreciate your time and effort.

wolf927 - I don't have optik but would they not show your vod rentals on your monthly bill just like your telephone calls. Polecat

It shows on the bill as what was rented and the amount charged on the bill.  There is no indication of any unused rentals left in the bundle purchased by Reward points.  Thanks for your thoughts as they seem to give the best information available.