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Optik TV interfering with motion activated lamp


Hello, I got Optik TV with internet about a month ago, and I think the fiber optic cable is emitting some sort of interference, making my motion activated lamp going on and off randomly during the night!  The cable that goes into the house is right below the lamp, and I'm certain it isn't loose.  I also tried resetting the lamp (turning it off, then back on) but that didn't do the trick.  The lamp was installed last year, so it shouldn't be defective.  Has anyone here experienced such a thing?  Any advice would be great, thank you!


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A fibre optic line has no voltage in it and won’t interfere with anything else nearby.

Is the motion activated light an exterior light on the house? Is there anything outside near enough to it that may move and trigger the light? Got any wildlife or strays that may be close enough to trigger the light?

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Thank you for replying Nighthawk.  I sat near the lamp (exterior) for a few hours, and I couldn't find anything that could trigger the light.  The lamp was functioning properly before the Optik TV installation, so in my opinion, it's got something to do with the fiber optic cable.

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The fibre optic cable has no bearing on motion sensors. It’s possible your light has become defective. It’s usually one of the tell tale signs when it’s randomly going on and off for no reason.

You can also reset the light by turning the power on and off to it either via breaker or light switch.

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I’ve had a number of these units fail. The last one would turn on, stay on for the set period, turn off, then almost immediately turn on again. None of these sensors last forever; some last only a short time.


Coincidence < > causation.


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What boxes did Telus install and how far are they from the sensor?


Sometimes led status lights or infrared remotes can trigger PIR motion sensors.


Is your sensor a infrared or ultrasonic sensor?

The technician gave me a PVR box that's connected to a T3200 router; but since the two boxes are on the other side of the wall, and about 10 feet away from the lamp, I don't think they're the culprit.  And I think the lamp uses an infrared sensor.