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Optik TV can't change channel packages--backend issue of Telus ongoing for 2 months!

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I signed up for an Optik TV package in January.  Offered free Superchannel for a month.  We were told we could manage our channel packages online or by calling in.  We have been unable to change channel packages/remove Super Channel by logging in and CSR is unable to remove/change due to a 'backend problem' that needs to be cleared.  The first estimate for it to be fixed was 2 days at the end of January.  Now we approach mid March, 5 phone calls later, still no solution or resolution in sight.  Seriously regretting the 2 year contract.  Not what I signed up for!!


Community Power User
Community Power User

If things can’t be resolved in a timely matter you can escalate your issue.


I had the same problem 3 or 4 years ago. Kept getting billed for Superchannel which was offered at half-price for 6 months, even though I cancelled within the 6 month period.  Took about 4 months to resolved.  Had to call Telus every month to reverse charges until it was resolved.  Escalation did not resolve it.