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Optik TV and a new Remote

Just Moved In

For out TV, we have a Telus set-top box IPV 6015 and Slimline_2 controller.  We feed our audio from the set-top box "Audio Out" connectors directly to our audio amplifier and speakers.  We have always used the TV remote to Mute and adjust volume.  When we got the IPV6015 box, this no longer worked with the Slimline 2 controller, so we just continued using the old controller (which I think we got about 8 years ago).  It worked fine for muting and controlling volume (as well as all the normal video stuff).  

That old controller has died, so we are trying to get the Slimline 2 to work the same way.  When we adjust Volume or press Mute, we can now see a "slider" on the screen, changing as it should, but the sound output does not change.  My son says that it _does_ work if we are use the crappy speakers built in to the TV.


Please explain how we can get the Slimline 2 to behave like the old controller in this regard.




Community Power User
Community Power User

It seems to me that you need to change a setting on your TV to use external speakers instead of the built in ones. There also may be a setting for fixed or variable output (you want variable).



It sounds like your old remote wasn't programmed to control your TV and was still controlling the volume on the Optik box or amplifier. Did the power button on the old remote turn on the TV or amplifier?

You may be able to program the new remote to control the volume of the amplifier (depends on brand and model) by following these instructions.

If you reset the remote remote to default settings it will control the volume of the Optik box. Reset instructions are on this page.

Depending on the model of TV another option is to connect the audio out from the TV to your amplifier instead of connection from the Optik box.

Of the three options the best is to program the remote for the amplifier volume. This will give you the full range of volume assuming you leave the Optik box volume at max.