Optik TV, account/app/ whole thing is just garbage.


Honestly, the process that is needed to just sign into various apps through content provider is just ridiculous. 

Making an Optiktv account only being available on the very terrible optiktv app or through the optik tv box is annoying enough as it is, but every time I turn off my optik HD box, the optik account gets erased off the face of the earth, and I can't log in anywhere.

If only using your Telus My Account to help in anyway were at all possible, but for some reason we need like 5-seperate accounts and devices to be able to use something we pay monthly for, Crave.

SO annoing,

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Community Power User

Channel providers (CTV, Global, CRAVE etc) want you to log in with your paid provider account (Cogeco, Telus, Videotron etc). Simply to verify you indeed subscribe to their services. It has nothing to do with Telus and the channel provider pay wall.

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@jfischthecat you have 5 separate acccounts? That would be a problem in itself.


I only have 2 account logons, the My Telus one which has access to control my account and the Optik logon which can access my subscribed channels but does not have access to control my account. My Optik account works in the Optik TV app, the Crave app and the Optik browser version.


Just 2 accounts, 1 to to adminster and 1 to access subscriptions. That's it. I've never "lost" my accont after using the Optik box. If you select I someone selects Reset or Delete in the Optik account menu then of course you will lose access and have to set it up again.



No, 5 was just an exaggeration
I have my Telus account, which works fine for all its stuff, then I have an Optik tv account that gets erased every few times I use it and I have to go through making another one and syncing my app with the confirmation code you get from the Optik box, it's all just so annoying.

And I always have issues with the Optik app when trying to confirm a new account that I have to make because my account keeps getting deleted.

LOL, okay, that makes more sense.


There might be a lockout on the Optik accounts after X unsuccessful attempts. Is it possible you are being locked out because someone else is trying to get access? If you have another email address to use try using that one the next time you need to set it up again.

It's not that I'm being locked out of these accounts. It's that they are getting completely deleted. Like my Gmail account was my Optik account for a while then it vanished so I used a different email and then when that one vanished too, I was able to use my Gmail account again as a new user because it had no record of a user having that email before even though I had one already.

And someone would have to gave access to my Optik box to completely delete the Optik account, so I don't think that's it.

I have the same problem for a long time and the truth I have not been able to solve it yet