Optik TV Smart Remote


Optik TV Smart Remote

I would like to know why Telus has decided to drop the current Optik TV Smart Remote app to adopt their new and most confusing Optik TV GO or whatever its called. 

With the new app you will no longer be able to:

1) use your phone as a Remote,


3) use the guide to jump to future dates or days

4) easily record and change record settings using the guide. 

5) manage your recordings on your PVR. 


My assumption is that the old app was powered by i.TV and Telus thought they could do a better job and not have to pay for i.TV rights to use. Well you didn't do a good job and actually succeeded in making a great app worse. 


The new app is extremely confusing and I consider myself to be a bit of a tech nerd. Multiple clicks required to drill into functions of the app, confusing record and show listings when using the guide. 


For all those who wish to see the old app remain functional chime in here. 

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I expect they don’t have much to say. The developer of the product, and owner of the intellectual property has abandoned the product. This leaves Telus in the position of no longer being able to offer the now unsupported product, and likely unable to re-create it without being in a copyright infringement situation. If it was as simple as cut and paste, it likely would have been done by now by someone.


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We are very active users of smart remote. If it is discontinued, we will seek our tv service from Shaw. That’s how valuable smart remote is to us.

Looks like the smart remote app (also named "Optik TV", the same name as the new app) is starting to be shut down, or maybe it's crapping out.  Guide no longer working, but I can still select recordings to play back, and select channels. 9pm PST June 25. 


Now I will need to go find and buy an IR extender, and those gadgets can be very unreliable.

Yes same here. Xantech dinkylink has been a good product as I used to install. Loved my house operating off iPhone. So pissed off. I split the telusbox living room and master. So I’m $200 per tv plus install or pay someone. Thanks Telus. I can say you suck again. 


Very disappointed with the new app. I need the remote control functionality. I do not need to watch TV on my devices... I am not 12 years old. Please give us adults what we need as we are the ones choosing service providers and paying the bill.

I totally agree, as a loyal customer who is the adult in the house who pays the bills I'm extremely disappointed in the decision to not offer the one great feature Telus had on their smart Optik remote.

I agree. The new app is horrible. We were already thinking about going back to
Shaw and this might just be the push we needed. Telus sucks.

My Optik TV boxes are not in the same room as my TV's, and in one case on a different floor of my house.  I rely on the Smart Remote app to control my Optik TV boxes.  They are discontinuing the app later in June 2018 and their new Optik TV app does not have the Smart Remote feature enabled.  I spoke to Telus Technical Support and they provided me with this information.  Without the Smart Remote app, I cannot control my boxes, making the Optik system completely useless.  I will have to cancel my Optik TV service and talk to another provider.


Not sure why Telus would cancel the Smart Remote app BEFORE they have the features enabled in their new app.


The existing Smart Remote app is poor, but I have been tolerating it for the last 3+ years as I have no other choice.  It needs to be refreshed and I was looking forward to hopefully a better upgrade in the new app, but now Telus is just cancelling it without replacing it.


Just perused the app that we are now being directed to as the one I have used is flagging that it will no longer be supported as of June 26.  The old app worked really well, the new app is horrible, I thought I was a bit of a techy but this surely does not apply to being able to use the newer app, intuitive does not apply here at all.  Please keep the old app running; the guide function, scrolling ahead into the future and setting PVR recordings from off site are all really great.  The new app, dare I say again; horrible.


I tried to put my concerns into a review of the new "Optik TV" app in the App Store, but the review cannot be submitted, the App Store (on my iPad Air) gets hung when I press the Send button.   Anyone else tried to write a review?

I would imagine if it's a feature Telus can implement in house in the future they may work on this feature. Keep in mind it was a 3rd party that supplied the remote feature before that is no longer around.

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Totally agree that the new app is horrible to use.  It's designed for watching On Demand on your mobile device - not remotely controlling your PVR.  I love the old/existing app.  If I forgot to set my PVR for something I could easily do it while on the go from my iPhone.  Please can we have the same programming grid layout in the new app?  I can easily jump to any day/time and channel to hit record.  The new grid layout barely lets you see one hour's worth of programming per screen.

I also registered just to voice my displeasure with the loss of the remote app. It was the best thing about optik tv.

The new app, as has been stated is fine for twelve year olds who want to watch tv on a 5 inch screen. I didn't buy a 55 inch hdtv to use my IPad. I have been hedging on upgrading to the new ultra hd products because of the weak content of most of the channels. Is it worth it to watch the same 8 or 10 shows repeated every 4 hours or less in a day. I'm looking at you Smithsonian, Nat Geo and BBC Earth. The only reason I haven't cut the cord is it's just too easy to quickly look at the guide, tap the channel and it's on. No searching for a program and times, streaming or downloading. The Optik TV app is fine for what it was meant for, although clearly made for a laptop and not mobile devices. My Harmony remote is great for controlling multiple items via wifi. But the Optik app was a clean simple app that did both. Please give it back or I fear the prospect of saving $150 plus a month may be too much to resist.



I think I just ran across the reason the "new app" is so awful to use on our phones and tablets.

It's really a browser app meant for your laptop/desktop.

You can go to :  https://watchoptik.telus.com

Log in to your Optik TV account and you will see the "New App" fitting nicely on a monitor.

So I assume this thing was designed on someone's laptop and then just squashed to try to fit it on our phones.

That would explain why the new "Optik Not-TV" app is so unbelievably clunky and over-sized on a mobile device.


Why the ability to tap on a show and have my Telus box switch to that show is being dropped I cannot imagine.

That is the single biggest advantage Telus has over Shaw in my opinion.


Besides which, who watches HD TV on their iPhone? Wow why did I spend all that money on my 60" Oled UHD TV? Crazy. 


I didn't know they were replacing it with anything. On my IPAD it says only that it is "retiring" in June.  Would be great if TELUS publicized the replacement.  Disappointing to hear it will be missing many of the features.  Definitely would prefer the old app to remain.


Another frustrated user annoyed by the backwards step Telus have taken here.

The ability to be able to easily access the PVR functionality remotely, view the guide to set recordings etc is a key functionality of a PVR. Why you'd remove this is beyond me.

Surely this can be added into the existing app?
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@Alister wrote:
The ability to be able to easily access the PVR functionality remotely, view the guide to set recordings etc is a key functionality of a PVR. Why you'd remove this is beyond me.

Surely this can be added into the existing app?

The current Optik app includes a guide from which you can set recordings on the PVR. Same as the old one. The feature people are concerned about in this discussion was the Smart Remote functionality which was the ability to control some features on the set top boxes like a physical remote control could.

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We are not using our phones to emulate the remote Nighthawk.

We are scrolling quickly and efficiently through the guide to something we want to watch and then switching to that channel with a simple tap.

Scrolling through the guide with the “new” app is incredibly frustrating due to the size of the icons and when I find what I want I can’t switch to it unless I want to watch it on my phone.

Why would our old app be removed when so many consider it important?

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This discussion is specifically regarding the remote features on the old app. Not the guide. If you have specific concerns that are not related to the remote control feature on the old app specifically, it would be best to start a new discussion on the forums here to have those specific concerns addressed. 

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Go back and read the first post here.

Yes our concern is that the new app won't control our TV/Optik box

But we are not trying to use our phones "as" remotes (instead of the Optik remote)

We are complaining that the new app does not control our Optik box.