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Optik TV Setup Question


My living room TV seems to have problems with WiFi. I am fairly confident this is a problem with the TV, not with Telus Internet, as I had similar issues while I was still with Shaw. My goal is to use an ethernet cable directly into the back of the TV to cover for times when the WiFi drops out. (This is primarily for watching Amazon)


My living room set top box (VIP5602WT) is wired from the ethernet connection in the wall.


Is it possible to use something like this ( to send one cable to the set top box and one directly to the TV?


And if it is possible, is it a good/bad idea? I assume there is some sort of signal degradation by putting a splitter into the set up. I have Telus Internet 300 if that makes any difference to the set up.


Thanks for any help anyone can give me.


Community Power User
Community Power User

You're better off using an ethernet switch instead. For example:


I have a gigabit ethernet switch behind my PVR and it works fine.

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