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Optik TV - Series Recordings not working on NBC


Hi All,


Just wondering if anyone else has been having this problem lately. For the last couple of weeks my wife has noticed that several of our shows that are set on series record have not been recording.


On further investigation it seems like all the non-recorded shows were NBC shows.


Wondering if there is a known issue with NBC shows recently? Could it be to do with how they are listed in the guide?


Thanks for any help/info anyone can provide.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Do you have any examples of which shows weren't recording?


It can also depend on how they are listed in the guide as well. If your recordings are set to record only First Run episodes and in the guide they have the wrong air date on the individual shows, that can do it. I had that issue with Discovery channel. They aired in the US previously and when aired new in Canada they left the original air dates so the PVR ignored them.

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Has something else been recorded instead? We have set recordings for some shows in the guide, but the station substituted another show instead.


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Discovered that issue a couple weeks ago (on the early NBC, ch250). The program listing for that channel only was all spanish so none of the shows recorded (Chicago Fire/Med/PD...This is Us...etc). couple days later the listing was back to English but my shows wouldn’t record - the display for the channel was different (didn’t have the NBC logo beside it anymore). I gave up recording on that channel.