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Optik TV App

Just Moved In

I was trying to watch the NHL hockey game on channel 911 on my Optik TV app yesterday.  However, I believe because it has the same program title as on channel 100 CBC, basically all the channels with the same title went straight to channel 100, when it was preempted to the news.  How come the app cannot view the channel as is on the regular TV?  This happens several times before with sporting events that sometimes go longer than planned, many times the sports channel will show the next game on a different channel when it starts and go back to the planned channel once the other game is over.  However, it seems the app groups all the feeds by title so I miss the beginning of many games.  This is getting very annoying trying to use the app.



Best I can tell is that this app is run and created by 10 years old's in other countries. The interface is terrible at best.
I have had these issues too and I think Telus needs to clear these sorts of things up asap or shut the service down. In this day and age we pay big money for a service and they think they can get away with treating us like Beta testers for their apps. 

I would suggest calling into their service or going online to chat and complaining. This company has had a monopoly on the Internet Services of Western Canada for too long, treating us like second class and getting away with it.