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Optik TV App v7.88.1 worst TV app in Canada with worst update

Friendly Neighbour

Aside from the fact that the Optik TV app still doesn't play full screen on iPhone X, it lacks basic shortcut buttons to switch channels on iPhone, and crashes all the time on iOS devices. And after updating to the latest v7.88.1 released yesterday, it doesn't even run on my iPad anymore. Woman Sad


I'm not the type of person who usually post on forums, but the failure of the latest update today has pushed me over the edge. Woman Sad


After updating to the latest v7.88.1 which promises "bug fixes", now the Optik TV app simply gets stuck at start-up with "Optik TV" icon showing forever without advancing. The development team behind this app should be ashamed of pushing a non-working version out of the gate. Woman Surprised


It is well-deserving of the 1.6 out of 5 star shameful rating based on hundreds of users who actually voted. Only the worst apps on the Apple App Store get this kind of rating. Woman Sad


I have called Telus customer service to ask them to address these issues on iOS and it seems their solution is to push out a newer version that not only does not address any of the issues, but disables operations on the iPad. Just fantastic (sarcasm).


I so regret signing a 2-year contract to come to Telus from Shaw. When I was on Shaw, I never had any issues like this, because they provide almost monthly updates to the app store, but Telus only updates their app once or twice a year. Bell seems to be even better with 4 out of 5 rating. Woman Sad


Telus, if you are listening, I will not be staying with you as soon as my contract is over, because of your neglect and general incompetence in terms of managing the Optik TV app. Woman Sad



Telus app has been buggy from the start and your frustration is justified.  However, you don't sign a 2 year contract based on the performance of the app.  You do it based on the value of the services.  The app didn't exist until recently.  It is just one small thing that most people don't even use.  

Friendly Neighbour

I am not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure I didn't sign a contract based on the "value" of the services, but I signed up based on the "actual delivery" of the services that were promised on the contract.


It may be a "small" thing TO YOU, but Optik TV app on iOS devices IS my main method of media consumption.


Also using the unsubstantiated claim that "most of our users don't use the Optik TV app" to justify its poor design and delivery, although it is a valid business choice, it's an appalling one.

After more than a full week of the Optik TV app update which broke it, it still doens't work on my iPad Pro. No one from Telus has contacted me about it either.


Do Telus employees read this forum?

Community Power User
Community Power User

From the Block Rules:


This is a place for you to discuss our products, services, industry, and your community, and we want the Neighbourhood to become a great destination for people to ask and answer questions and get help from our user community. The Guildelines are meant to set the tone of the conversation and to make clear the ground rules for participating on all of our social and online communities.


So, though Telus employees may read the comments, for the most part it is a customer-driven space, and not one where callbacks will occur.


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