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Optik TV 4k wireless box keeps losing signal

Just Moved In
Had Optik TV installed just over a week ago and the wireless box (which I have hardwired to try and solve the issue) loses signal a few times a day and the screen is just black. Can only get tv back by unplugging and plugging box back in. Just had Telus replace the box yesterday and it is still an issue. Anyone have ideas? Have restarted the whole system and had Telus push an update to the wireless box.

System details:
-fibre service
-T3200 modem
-Pvr and second box hardwired to modem
-google wifi used for rest of home


If the screen is black it sounds like it could be a symptom of a HDCP handshake issue with your TV. Try changing the resolution from 4k or 1080p down to 720P in Menu > Settings > Screen Aspect Ratio. Keep an eye on it for a bit and see if that helps. I've seen it resolve a few issues like this. Trying a different HDMI or better yet switching to component cables could solve the issue as well.