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Optik TV 4K PVR upgrade

Just Moved In

Back in December, a Telus technician "upgraded" us to Optik TV 4K PVR for "free". However, he only upgraded the main box. The other 4 are still the Optik TV Wireless HD digital boxes. At the time that he did the upgrade, he told me that we would now be able to access YouTube, etc, neglecting to tell me that only on the 4K box.

I now know that YouTube and Amazon Prime can only be accessed on the 4K PVRs. I am currently on hold with Telus (for the past 2 hours) waiting to talk to customer service.

Has anyone had the same situation and do you think I will get the other 4 "upgraded" for "free" like the main box?


Just Moved In

Update-Telus is doing a swap out of the 4 HD digital boxes for free! 

Hi Bonbon_55,


Just wondering if you were able to swap out the HD boxes with the 4k boxes easily or if you needed to contact Telus tech support?  I just got my 4k boxes and my account is maxed at 6 boxes already.  I've tried pairing with the new boxes but it doesn't seem to bump the old ones off.  Wondering how you made out with your swap?