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Optik PVR stops audio signal when fast forwarding or rewinding

Just Moved In

If I'm watching a recorded program on our PVR and fast forwarding or rewinding, I will often (like maybe one time out of every 7 or 8 times) have the audio signal cut out. I check my AV Receiver and it says the signal from the Telus box is 'Unknown', then sometimes it changes to PCM. If I change to different inputs, the signal sometimes comes back. Is there a setting I can change that will keep the audio signal constant? It happens 'randomly' -- if I rewind the same section again, I get audio during parts that were 'Unknown' before. If I just leave the show playing, it just stays silent with the 'Unknown' audio signal.


Helpful Neighbour
I’ve been losing audio signal on a somewhat consistent basis over the last couple weeks. Never happened before and now happens every few days.
Only fix I’ve found is unplugging the box - waiting then restarting.

Quite frustrating.

Time to schedule a service call. Seems you’re having multiple issues with your receiver. A swap of hardware maybe in order.