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Optik Apps error DRMAGENT blocked and error code 1-44-043 on safari using Iphone 11

Just Moved In

I'm not sure if Iphone 11 pro is compatible with optik TV app. I was able to see that Iphone X is not compatible. I'm adding this question just in case you need feedback to submit to apple. 

Here's the TS we have done with cx 

> Telus optik website works fine on macbook google chrome
> safari - it play but have to enable java content
> location of phone is turned ON? yes
> sync portal - synced
> have done the sequential reboot? Internet and phone? yes
> done re-installing the apps
> cx using OS version 10 higher (always newest )


Community Power User
Community Power User

iPhone X and 11 Pro are perfectly compatible as long as the owner of the phones has NOT installed the iOS 14 beta. That version of iOS is what triggers the error because of changes Apple has made to iOS. The new Optik app that will be compatible with iOS 14 should be coming out around the time iOS 14 officially releases in the fall.


Also using Safari on an iPhone to access Optik will NOT work because Safari has never supported flash. Getting an error is the expected result.


I'm running the latest official release of iOS (13.6.1) on an 11 Pro and the Optik TV app works perfectly fine for me.

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