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Optik 4k not working

It says too many tv streams in use but I have 4k tv only 1 box on and nothing recording

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

How fast is your internet connection?  What package are you on?

Internet 100 tv box is connected to ethernet
My package includes 4k channels and i have everything compatible

Community Power User
Community Power User
On the remote press Menu>Settings>Genera>System Information>system resources.

Look at Streams (a number) HD + (a number) SD

What numbers do you have?

Also unplug your unplug you Optik Receiver and Modem. Plug the modem in and wait till it’s online. Then plug in the optik receiver. See if the issue persists.

If that hasn’t corrected the issue give Telus a call to further diag the issue.

Optik tv account profile
Streams negative HD + negative ad
Pvr recording profile 3hd +1sd
Pvr playback profile
1sd +2hd

Optik tv profile
24140000 bps
Pvr profile bandwidth
20490000 bps

If still having issues give TELUS a call to diag. You can technically be watching one and recording two other channels simultaneously.

Or recording three in HD and watching one in Standard def.