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Optik 4K box settings

Just Moved In

Hi, when I turn on my Optik 4K box it will either be in 1080p or 2160.  When I turn it off its always in 2160 and set to a 4K channel. I have to remember to check the settings every time I turn it on as it mostly reverts to 1080p. Anyone know why its randomly changing display settings? Thanks.


How did you know what channel it's on and what the output resolution is set to when it's off?

If you set the resolution(aspect), that's the setting when you turn it off. The resolution randomly changes. It always comes on with the 4k channel I was watching when I turned it off.

My Telus Optik boxes keep reverting back to 1080p. I only have 4k tv’s in my house and all 3 wireless 4k boxes and my 4k pvr boxes forget their 4k setting and keep reverting back to 1080p. I have to change them back to 4k almost daily.