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Optik 4K PVR VIP5662W - does not reboot after power loss

Just Moved In

My Optik 4K PVR did not reboot after a quick power outage last night. I did have issues getting the PVR to record last week, contacted Telus and we systematically rebooted everything attached to my system and it seemed to be working. All other boxes recovered perfectly. All cabling is good as I removed another box and installed it where the PVR is normally situated and it boots up just fine.

When I power down the PVR, remove all cables, reconnect and power back up, I do not get the Telus screen. I get a gear screen with a status line across the bottom that takes several minutes. A second screen with 2 gears appears, along with a status bar across the bottom. When the indicator gets about 70 to 80% across, it disappears and a red X appears along with a number 1.

I called Telus and stayed on hold for over an hour - then hung up. I did send an E-Mail - not sure what kind of response time to expect for that.

I suspect my PVR box is fried....



I have never seeen that screen during initialization so I agree that your PVR likely needs replacing. As an experiment try swapping the power supplies with one that boots up correctly.


Was your PVR on a surge protector?